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boa_contest's Journal

a BoA icontest community
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Welcome to BoA_Contest, a BoA icon contest community. I am your mod [going_x_crazy] all members are welcome to take part in making icons, voting, or both. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via my journal or email [captn.sassy.pants@gmail.com]

Each week there will be a new challenge. Either a basic photo challenge, a lyrical challenge, or a theme challenge. In a photo challenge you must use the image(s) provided and not any other. In a lyrical challenge you must use 3 consecutive words, or more, of the song posted. In a theme challenge you will be give a word and you must interpurit how you see fit. you can suggest themes here.


♥;; you may submit five icons per challenge
♥;; icons must meet LJ's requirements- 100x100 pixels or less, 40k or less, .JPG .PNG or .GIF (animation is allowed)
♥;; only use the images provided unless otherwise stated
♥;; your icon must be new, it cannot be posted anywhere else until voting is finished
♥;; do not vote for yourself, do not get your friends to vote for you
♥;; by entering the contest you are giving consent for your icons to be used
♥;; any icons used must be given proper credit, if you want to know who made it ask me
♥;; when submitting your icon, be sure to post the image & the image url



Friday;; new challenges are posted
Friday;; voting is posted
Sunday;; results are posted
Wednesday-ish (mid week);; awards & reminder posted


going_x_crazy (week A)
heygingersnap (week B)
wen_jing (week C)
lalalalovesong (week D)

Banner Makers
going_x_crazy (winners of week A & C )
purebliss4me (winners of week B & D)



lazyday_designs _glamicontest ayu_awards ayucon celebstillness inukag_icontest ayucontest ff_awards japanawards kattun_awards utada_award koreawards kpopicontest eunhyeicontest

if you want to be an affiliate, comment here


layout codes;; reversescollide
layout header;; going_x_crazy
info graphics & codes;; going_x_crazy