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Community Revamp? Suggestions! Discussion!

As you all have probably noticed, boa_contest has been pretty inactive for the past few months. I take responsibility for not doing anything about this sooner, and I apologize to the active members that were wondering what happened. I personally would like to see this community active again, like it was in the past. But of course, I need to know how many of you are still interested in being a part of boa_contest. If you could, please take the time to fill out this poll. There are only a few questions, and it will give me an idea of the chances of this community surviving.

POLLCollapse )

If you have anything else to add, please leave a comment here :]

Also moderators, are you still interested in modding this community? And purebliss4me, are you still interested in being a banner maker? I have a graphics program now, so I can make banners again too.


Omg I can't believe I forgot about this for... forever. -DIES- I'm so so sorry! Apparently it seems like the other mods haven't been around either. Mods, let me know? Maybe we can revamp the comm and give it a new layout and find new banner makers if necessary and whatnot too. With permission of going_x_crazy, of course! If not, then I'll get us back into a regular routine and try to post a new challenge on Thursday or Friday.

To all the members: I apologize again and I will definitely try to not let this happen in the future. Or next time, just kick me. D:



I think this was a tough week, because only 2 people submitted to the SUNSHINE challenge! DD: By "sunshine", I meant happiness and :D-ness. I'll be extending the competition until this Sunday, June 10, so please try your best to finish up your icons and submit them here! Thanks, guys.

P.S. BoA also opened up a blog over the past couple days - you can find translations and more over at madeintwenty, the most active BoA community on LJ! (And modded by me! :D) Please joooin~ ♥


I think this is my week, right? :D

Along with the summer theme, this week's challenge will be SUNSHINE. You may use any BoA picture you like, but the icon must go along with the theme. Good luck to everyone! :D

★ you may submit up to five icons.
★ icons must meet LJ's requirements: 100x100px or less, 40k or less, .JPG .PNG or .GIF
★ your icon must be new -- it cannot be posted anywhere else until voting is finished.
★ your icon must fit with the theme somehow.
★ icons due before 9pm (Eastern) Friday, June 8th.
★ && most importantly, have fun! ♥

★ submit icons as example below:


total entries so far: 7


I am sorry this voting is coming up so late but I had a hard time collecting enough entries for the voting. Now we've got them, though it's only 9 entries, which are all very pretty.

☆ voting ends on Saturday May 19th 7:00 pm (Central Time)
☆ do not vote for yourself
☆ do not get your friends to vote for you
☆ voting should look like this:

Choice 1 - #
Choice 2 - #
Choice 3 - #

or like this
#, #, #

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Banner Dump

WOW. I did not know that we were behind like 9 weeks behind banners. No wonder no one wants to enter, they want their banners! I have been gone a while and the other bannermaker lost her graphic program. I had to make my bannes and the other banner maker bannners. SO to make things right I have spent over 7 hours making 35 banners! I have caught up ALL banners except week 47 because results have not been posted. I hope you all enjoy your banners. And ENTER!ENTER!ENTER! So you can get one of my beautiful banners!

Enter challenge 48, I know I have!!!

This is how this is going to work. Look for name and click on the live journal cut to that challenge to get your banners. PLEASE COMMENT WHEN YOU GET YOUR BANNERS

Week 39Collapse )
omfg_its_tiffy x2 banners

Week 40Collapse )
chibi_bijutsu x2 banners

Week 41Collapse )
mangoninja x2 banners

Week 42Collapse )
miyalumix x2 banners

Week 43Collapse )
alu_tarien x2 banners

Week 44Collapse )
alu_tarien x2 banners

Week 45Collapse )
_forluna x3 banners

Week 46Collapse )
itsandrew x3 banners
_hugznkisses_ x2 banners
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